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Éléonore CHARRON (1826-1912)

Éléonore CHARRON (François+Marie-Angélique AYOTTE) founded the Roman Catholic religious community of women known as the Sisters of Sainte-Martha (Soeurs Ste-Marthe) in St-Hyacinthe, QC in 1883. The community's main purpose was to serve priests and seminarians by cooking, sewing and housekeeping. Nowadays, the sisters are also involved in pastoral work and the making of hosts to be used (consecrated) during the celebration of the Eucharist.
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CHARRON Ancestry
St-Martin-de-Meaux, Champagne, (Seine et Marne) FRANCE
Jean-Baptiste CHARRON dit DUCHARME
Montréal, QC
Jean-Baptiste CHARRON
Marie-Madeleine GUERTIN
Contrecoeur-Verchères County, QC
Angélique MARIER
St-Charles-sur-Richelieu, St-Hyacinthe County, QC
Louis-Eustache CHARRON
Marie-Judith HOGUE
St-Charles-sur-Richelieu, St-Hyacinthe County, QC
François CHARRON
Marie-Angélique AYOTTE
St-Denis-sur-Richelieu, St-Hyacinthe County, QC
Éléonore CHARRON
(Mère Marie Sainte-Marthe)

Friday, November 23, 2007


The November 2007 (Vol 135, No. 10) issue
of the Sainte-Anne Shrine publication
contains a history of the lineage of
The article displays a drawing of Gilles LAUZON as well as an 1885 picture of 4 generations of LAUZON: Roger, Paul-Émile, Josaphat and Cyrille-Marie. A 3rd photograph of Paul-Émile LAUZON + Hélène RACINE and their family is also included. The couple was married in 1930 in Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Terrebonne County, QC
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Sainte-Anne Shrine
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Father Jean-Louis BOURBON (1916-2007)

Born 1916-11-02, the son of J. A. Camille BOURDON and Albertine DUPUY, died 2007-10-21 at Charles-Lemoyne Hospital in Longueuil, QC. Funeral presided by Msgr. Jacques BERTHELET, C.S.V. at the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in LaPrairie on October 26, 2007.
Father BOURDON was ordained to the Roman Catholic priesthood in 1941-03-09 by Msgr. Atanase FORGET at Nativity parish in LaPrairie, QC. He was the oldest priest in the Saint-Jean-Longueuil diocese.
Among other activities, he taught at the Seminary in St-Jean from 1941-1953. He also served as assistant pastor at Ste-Famille parish in Boucherville, QC (1959) & was pastor of Ste-Louise-de-Marillac parish in Longueui, QC (1960) & of St-Edmond parish in St-Jean, QC (1966), pastor of Très-St-Coeur-de-Marie parish in Chambly, QC (1978), as well as assistant pastor at St-Joseph-de-Chambly parish (1985).
Father BOURDON leaves behind his grieving sisters, Camille, Louise, Françoise, Thérèse and Andrée as well as his brother, Gilles.Burial will be at Côte-des-Neiges Cemetery in Montréal, QC

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, QC

The history of the Roman Catholic Church in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, QC is explored through beautifu pictures in the October 2007(Vol. 135, No. 9) issue of the Revue Saint-Anne monthly publication. The first chapel dates back to 1820. The architect, Denis OUELLET, drew the plans for the present-day church building in 1900. The Church was blessed in 1902 by Cardinal BÉGIN. Seven photographs grace the article.
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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Délia TÉTREAULT (1865-1941)

b. 1865-02-05
Marieville, Rouville County, QC
d. 1941-10-09
Montréal, QC
She was the foundress of the Québec Roman Catholic religious community of the
Missionaries of the Immaculate Conception
Known in religious life as
Soeur Marie du Saint-Esprit, MIC
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and the Sisters,
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Sunday, September 23, 2007

MARTEL History in Québec

The September 2007 edition (Vol. 135 - No. 6) of the Sainte-Anne Shrine publication contains the story of
and his descendants in Québec.
The picture of two famous Québec MARTEL's are included:
Renée MARTEL, a popular singer,
Roland MARTEL, a trumpetist.
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Sainte-Anne Shrine,
Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré, QC

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LAFRENIÈRE Lineage & photo

The ancestry and photo of the LAFRENIÈRE sisters, daughters of Charles+Émilie POULIN, may be found in album # 7 on our Webshots site. They are the 4th cousins, once removed, of Ernestine LAFRENIÈRE, daughter of Michel+Marie RITCHOT, who married Raoul DUCHARME in 1922 in Manchester, NH.
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French-Canadian & Franco-American
relatives there.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Cardinal Édouard GAGNON (1918-2007)

Édouard GAGNON
born 1918.01.15
in Port-Daniel, Bonaventure County, QC
died 2007.08.25
in Montréal, QC
He was a member of the Roman Catholic Priests of Saint-Sulpice (Sulpicians), having been ordained 1940-08-15.
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Sister Réjeanne ROUSSEL

Réjeanne ROUSSEL
originally from Chapleau, Ontario
is the first Canadian to be elected Superior General of the Roman Catholic community of the Sisters of Saint Mary or Namur (Soeurs de Sainte-Marie de Namur) that was founded in Belgium.
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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mayor of Québec City died

mayor of the city of Québec since 2005 and previous mayor of Sainte-Foy, a susburb of Québec City, died 2008-08-24 at her home of a massive infarctus. Born 1937-01-30 in Québec City, the daughter of Louis PLAMONDON and Alice MONTMINY, she obtained her degree in Education from Laval University.
In 1985, she was elected mayor of Sainte-Foy, a job that she retained for 15 years. In 2005, she was elected mayor of Québec City.
Andrée PLAMONDON married Marc BOUCHER (Gabriel & Thérèse PAQUET) on 1959-08-10 in Notre-Dame-de-Foy parish, Sainte-Foy, QC. The couple had 3 children: Bernard, Denis and France.
Residents of Québec City and the City Council were taken aback by their mayor's unexpected death since her husband had failing health, but she was energetic and seemed tireless. Andrée's priorities were always based upon the welfare of the residents of the city. Concern for them was the basis of all her decisions, and she even intervened personally on their behalf when normal channels proved fruitless. All were welcome, and everyone knew her home address, where, today, there are countless flowers on the lawn as well as in front of the City Hall.
The family has accepted a public funeral. Arrangements are in the offing.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


The descendants of PIERRE BISSONNET are well described in two consecutive editions of the REVUE SAINTE-ANNE (Vol. 235, Nos. 6 & 7.
The June publication contains 3 pictures:
1) Bernard BISSONNETTE, b. 1898.01.15 in Saint-Esprit-de-Moncalm , QC. He married Jacqueline MASSON in 1935.
2) Louis-Georges BISSONNETTE, b. 1893.09.04 in Côteau-du-Lac, Soulanges County, QC. He marriage Juliette DANSEREAU in 1927.
3) Lise BISSONNETTE, former director of the LE DEVOIR newspaper. In 2005, she was appointed director of the National Library of Montréal, QC.

The July/August edition contains a photo of Pierre-André BISSONNETTE, who died in Ottawa in 1989.12.23at the age of 65 two days after having been honored with the Order of Canada.
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Monday, July 23, 2007

The forced assimilation of Aboriginal children in Canada

Suzanne FOURNIER and Ernie GREY relate the truth about the “abduction” of native children in Canada by the State & Church as a result of the Indian Act of 1876 that gave the Minister of Indian & Northern Affairs intrusive rights. To discover more about the waning of Aboriginal culture in this country due to "lawful abduction" of children, who were forced into Residential Schools or put into Foster homes, read STOLEN FROM OUR EMBRACE, the abduction of First Nations children and the restoration of Aboriginal communities (ISBN: 978-1-55054-661-3). Published in June 1998, the authors share their experiences and that of their community members along with the effect that such forced assimilation had on them, and their search for their identiry, for their culture.
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Indian Act of 1876
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The Franco-American Connection BLOG

Jacques L'Heureux
Columbia, MD
has a BLOG that should be of interest to everyone researching French-Canadian and Franco-American ancestors. It would be well worth your time to
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Canadian Home Children

Those of us, who are interested in Canadian genealogy, have eventually come upon the HOME CHILDREN, who were sent from their homeland (England or Ireland) to work for Canadian families. Not much is known about their daily living experiences in Canada in the late 1800's, i.e. not until JEAN LITTLE wrote a novel about 2 of these children based upon much research. Her book, "ORPHAN AT THE DOOR: The Home Child Diary of Victoria Cope," brings you right into the heart of the situation of a Home Child in a strange land and what these siblings lived at the hands of their "employers."
While lexperiencing Canadian life in Ontario with these Home Children, I was also introduced to the author, Jean LITTLE, via the blurb on the jacket of the book. From there I Googled and ended up on her website, only to discover that she is a prolific blind person, who has shared the results of her vivid imagination and thus has helped us to see WITHIN the heart of our fellowmen via her novels.
Learn more about JEAN LITTLE
by visiting her website.
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Canadian Home Children.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Father Émilien TARDIF (1928-1999)

Born June 6, 1920 in Saint-Zacharie, Beauce County, QC, Émilien TARDIF was the son of Léonidas & Anna LAROCHELLE. In 1940, the family moved to Rapide-Danseur in the Abitibi region of Québec.
In 1949-09-08 Émilien made profession in the religious community of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC: Missionaires du Sacré-Coeur). In 1955-06-24, he was ordained as a Roman Catholic priest in Rapide-Danseur. In September 1956, he left for the Dominican Republic where he taught at the Minor Seminary of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, worked for the Amigo del Hogar magazine, was named "superior" of the mission in the Dominican Republic, and in 1971 he became Administrative Provincial of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart in that country.
Later, Father TARDIF founded the community of lay persons known as the Servants of the Living Christ (Serviteurs du Christ Vivant), which, in 1999, had more than 300 members. He opened several community homes in the Dominican Republic as well as in the state of Florida in the U.S.
In 1973, Father TARDIF returned to Canada because of failing health and was cared for at Laval Hospital in Québec City, QC. . While in hospital, he met members of the Charismatic Movement. Once cured of his health problems, he began preaching retreats throughout the world.
Father TARDIF's first book: Jésus a fait de moi un témoin, sold more than one million copies. It was translated into 18 languages. He wrote 2 more books before dying in 1999-06-08 while preaching a retreat to priests in Cordoba, ARGENTINA. His funeral was held in the stadium in San Domingo, Dominican Republic, and he is buried in Santiago de Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.
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Father Émilien TARDIF's ancestry,
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ancestors baptized or married or buried in Montréal, QC?

Since many researchers of French-Canadian ancestors have relatives, who were born, married or died in Montréal, I am in the process of uploaded pictures of the many Catholic and Protestant church of that city. You may download them at will and free of charge.
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Searching for your North-American Indian Heritage?

Why not start by understanding Native American thinking?

Wilfred PELTIER (b. 1927-10-16, d. 2000-07-07) An Odawa aboriginal, Wilfred was born on the Wikwemikong Reserve in Manitoba, CANADA. According to his autobiography, NO FOREIGN LAND : THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A NORTHERN AMERICAN INDIAN, Wilfred changed the spelling of his surname, PELTIER, to PELLETIER at one point in his life, so as to be recognized as of French-Canadian extraction.
Unlike usual autobiographies, Wilfred PELTIER goes beyond relating his life events. He brings us into the Indian mind and allows us to begin thinking like one. What an experience! Being led to see the world through aboriginal eyes is mind-boggling and well worth the experience. Such a point of view removes all pre-conceived notions I had about Indians as well as my judgmental attitude concerning their actions and way of being. Wilfred PELTIER’s autobiography brought me into the very spirit of native North-American life and has opened my mind to who they are from the inside out.
If you have Indians among your ancestors, it would be worth your while to read Wilfred PELTIER's autobiography, which was written from tape recordings of conversations he had with a friend over a period of many years. Experience your native ancestors by THINKING like them from their point of view of Mother Earth. You will then discover a whole other meaning to the words,

Friday, June 01, 2007

Cross on MOUNT ROYAL in Montréal, QC

In 1643, Paul CHOMEDEY, Sieur de Mainsonneuve, erected a wooden cross on Mont-Royal in thanksgiving to God for having proected the city now known as Montréal, QC, from flood waters. In commemoration of this act, in 1924, a metal cross, 30 meters high, was erected on the exact spot of the original cross. Through the years, the cross has been weather-beaten; therefore, it, and the surrounding area, will be restored in the Spring of 2008. A well-known landmark, the cross is lit up at night and can be seen from many miles, especially on the south shore of the St. Lawrence Seaway.
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Franco-Americans from QUÉBEC to RHODE ISLAND

has done it again, sharing the knowledge she has gained, through the years, about living alone.
Thoughts and hints
to encourage women who,
through divorce, widowhood,
or other forms of separation,
are suddenly living alone
and having difficulty
adjusting to this change.
To discover more about
Connie LEMONDE's ancestors
who went from Lotbinière County, QC
New England, U.S.A.
and to view pictures of them,
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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Sister Claire DESROCHERS

was born in
St-Charles-de-Mandeville, QC
the daughter of
Lucien & Florida LONGPRÉ
Claire is a member of the Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception. She worked for many years in Bolivia and has recently returned to Peru. She is providing community services in Lima.
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Sisters and their missionary work,
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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in QUÉBEC

BMS 2000
now available
Many persons have been asking me about the above program that lists a large number of baptisms, marriages and burials in Québec. Well, the program is now available to the public. Just remember that it's a FRENCH program; therefore, the abbreviations must be read as FRENCH:
B=Baptêmes (BAPTISMS)
M=Mariages (MARRIAGES)
S=Sépultures (BURIALS)
The rest of the information should be easy enough to understand, even by English-speaking persons. On the other hand, should you have any questions, just leave a COMMENT to this posting and I'll get back to you. Need I mention that I'm not involved with the publication of the BMS2000. I am a user, not a seller.
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the BMS2000
is available.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Élie, Paul and Pierre BOURBAUT
may be found in the
February 2007 (Vol 135, No. 2) issue
The article includes 4 photos. It traces the arrival of the BOURBAUT brothers in the Mauricie region of QUÉBEC, one after the other, beginning in 1650.

is traced in the
April 2007 (Vol. 135. No. 4) issue
There are 5 pictures including a drawing of Jacques and a photo of Dr. Paul GENEST, who died in Sainte-Foy, a suburb of Québec City, on December 10, 2000.
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where the REVUE is published.

Friday, April 06, 2007

1957: Franco-American mill workers at the mercy of ANTHRAX epidemic

born 1924-06-14
Manchester, Hillsborough County, NH,

son of Arthur LANGLOIS & Éveline MARTIN,
died of ANTHRAX in October 1957. He and several co-workers in the Arms Textile Mill located along the Merrimack River, were affected by the bacteria.
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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Connie LEMONDE, Franco-American author & artist

To the women
who are struggling
to adjust to independent living.

The trauma of being catapulted into living alone is understood fully only by those who experience it. Most of those who find themselves in such a situation , for whatever reason and regardless of race or nationality, go through a roller coaster of emotions such as hurt, bitterness, fear, inadequacy, uncertainty, etc. and it takes a long time to adjust to their new condition and status.

For some, it’s like being thrown into a life of loneliness, resentment, and so many other emotions that struggle for attention in the mind, suffocate the spirit, and seem to go on forever. The truth is, however, that these feelings do not have to be lasting because time does heal wounds, life does go on, joy and wonder do return.

Of the millions who have gone through such a devastating change in their lifestyle, some have grabbed on to what they felt were disadvantages to living alone, and they never let go. These persons will never be able to see the rewards that independent living can bring. In fact, if they are glued to the negatives, they will probably never find contentment anywhere.

Others decided to focus on the good things that they discovered, kept their eye on these positive features, and eventually, they found that living alone, temporarily or permanently, can actually be a rewarding experience.

If you’re still grieving, disillusioned, scared, and angry, it’s probably impossible for you to believe this at this time. As the days and months pass, however, you’ll begin to appreciate some of the good features of independent living. For instance, you don’t need anyone’s approval to take a trip or go away for a weekend; you can purchase whatever you want without having to consult a partner; you can have a longed-for pet; you can come home in the middle of the night without having to account for it, etc. This freedom will never replace the person that is gone, but it may help you adjust to your present situation, and you’ll soon see yourself taking steps to a healthy transition from being two to being one.

Maybe your husband/partner wanted to handle all the finances by himself. Or maybe you just didn’t care to get involved in the abracadabra of stocks, mutual funds, CD’s, etc.

If that’s the case, find a reputable accountant or financial planner.

Better yet. Learn about managing your money. Even if you do use a professional, you’ll then be able to keep track of what he/she is doing and have a better understanding of the decisions that he/she makes to keep your portfolio healthy.

If you have only a savings and a checking account, check with the bank to see if you could benefit from CD’s or other financial instruments.

If you’re left penniless (no insurances, or they had been cashed, etc.) do not hesitate to apply for temporary government assistance. Taxpayers are always happy to help people who really need the assistance.
If you still feel guilty, and if you are well and capable, do some volunteer work until you can return to employment.
And you will find and unveil
The dark story
That you have been told,
Or have told yourself--
The lie that you are
Recognize the lie
Accept it as such.

Then will you rise
To be your true self
And finally meet joyIn the days and years ahead.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The BRUNELLE ancestry
is well covered in the
March 2007 (Vol. 135, No. 3)
issue of the
The article begins with the arrival of Hilaire LIMOUSIN dit BEAUFORT in Québec in 1665. The LIMOUSIN and BEAUFORT surnames are no longer used.
The author has included a drawing of Hilaire and of the BRUNELLE crest. Three pictures are reproduced:
1) Germain BRUNELLE, his wife, Yvette MARCHAND with their daughter, Josée, and their son, Serge, in 1984.
2) A wedding picture of Germain BRUNELLE and his wife, Yvette MARCHAND, a teacher, taken in 1952.
3) Fr. Gérard BRUNELLE in 1984 when he was pastor of the parish of Saint-Tite.
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Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré Shrine, QC
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DE LA VOYE aka LAVOIE Ancestry

De la Voye
de 1633 à nos jours
This private publication is the result of steeped research into the LAVOIE lineage. More than just a listing of marriages through the generations, Fredo DESCHÊNES also sheds light upon the type of events his maternal ancestors, the LAVOIE, experienced. Much anecdotal information is included. The booklet consists of 58 pages. The original manuscript may eventually be available on CD. Requests may be left as COMMENTS to this posting.
To see the book jacket
as well as several paintings of the author,
click on the ORANGE TITLE above.
René de LAVOYE
René de LAVOYE
Québec City, QC
Madeleine BOUCHER
Rivière-Ouelle, Kamouraska County, QC
Rivière-Ouelle, Kamouraska County, QC
Jean-Baptiste LAVOIE
Josèphte BÉRUBÉ
Rivière-Ouelle, Kamouraska County, QC
Benjamin LAVOIE
Judith ÉMOND
Kamouraska, Kamouraska County, QC
Marie-Desanges DESCHÈNES
Rivière-du-Loup, Rivière-du-Loup County, QC
François LAVOIE
Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Témiscouata County, QC
Rose-Anna LAVOIE
Notre-Dame-du-Lac, Témiscouata County, QC

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Historical Short Stories by Fredo DESCHÊNES

Ten tales, based upon events that happened in the Lower St-Lawrence region of Québec between 1930-1940, formerly Témiscouata County. Illustrations are by the author, whose artwork is also on the front jacket. Fredo DESCHÊNES is from Dégelis, QC and wishes to share the many events that marked the area of his childhood. He is presently living in Longueuil, QC where he is writing another book about the days of yore in Témiscouata County.


Charlotte MAUGIS
Circa 1631
Saintes, Saintonge ( (Charente-Maritime) FRANCE
Catherine de BAILLON
Québec City, QC
Rivière-Ouelle, Kamouraska County, QC
Anne ROY
La Pocatière, Kamouraska County, QC
Marie-Charlotte CARON
La Pocatière, Kamouraska County, QC
La Pocatière, Kamouraska County, QC
Marcelline DION
Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies, L'Islet County, QC
Basilisse/Basilice COUILLARD
Saint-Modeste, Rivière-du-Loup County, QC
Rose-Anna LAVOIE
Notre-Dame-du-Lac, Témiscouata County, QC

Click on the orange title above to view the jacket
of Fredo DESCHÊNES' book,
Il était une pays des légendes

Saturday, January 06, 2007


The ancestor, JEAN GUYON,
is featured in the January 2007 (Vol. 135 No. 1)
Some of the "dit" surname descendants of this ancestor include DION, DESPRÈS, DUMONTIER, LEMOINE and, in Louisiana, DEBRANNE. The article is 3 ½ pages and contains 5 pictures:
Church of Saint-Auibin-de-Tourouvre;
Céline DION at age 14;
Adhémar DION & his wife, Thérèse TANGUAY (Céline's parents);
DION brothers: Arthur, Adélard, Napoléon, Alphonse, Alfred;
Antoine DION and Jeanne DUTIL
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Age of adulthood in QC through the centuries

Many persons have been asking me what the “age of majority” was in New France (Nouvelle France), aka Lower Canada and Québec ,through the generations since parish registries often indicated whether the spouses were “majeur” (mj) or “mineur” (mn) at the time of their wedding.
After a bit of research, I’ve found the following:

From 1620 to 1783 = 25 years of age
From 1783 to 1972 = 21 years of age
From 1972 to date = 18 years of age