Saturday, August 25, 2007

Mayor of Québec City died

mayor of the city of Québec since 2005 and previous mayor of Sainte-Foy, a susburb of Québec City, died 2008-08-24 at her home of a massive infarctus. Born 1937-01-30 in Québec City, the daughter of Louis PLAMONDON and Alice MONTMINY, she obtained her degree in Education from Laval University.
In 1985, she was elected mayor of Sainte-Foy, a job that she retained for 15 years. In 2005, she was elected mayor of Québec City.
Andrée PLAMONDON married Marc BOUCHER (Gabriel & Thérèse PAQUET) on 1959-08-10 in Notre-Dame-de-Foy parish, Sainte-Foy, QC. The couple had 3 children: Bernard, Denis and France.
Residents of Québec City and the City Council were taken aback by their mayor's unexpected death since her husband had failing health, but she was energetic and seemed tireless. Andrée's priorities were always based upon the welfare of the residents of the city. Concern for them was the basis of all her decisions, and she even intervened personally on their behalf when normal channels proved fruitless. All were welcome, and everyone knew her home address, where, today, there are countless flowers on the lawn as well as in front of the City Hall.
The family has accepted a public funeral. Arrangements are in the offing.