Saturday, October 07, 2006

Association Canado-américaine AWARD

On October 5, 2006, Connie LEMONDE, a Franco-American author, playright, composer, poet, received an award from the Association Canado-américaine (ACA), Section Frère André, (in Woonsocket, RI). She was commended for her attempt to preserve the French-Canadian heritage. The award was in recognition of « sa dédicace à la préservation de notre héritage et de nos traditions Canadiennes-Franciases dans ses eécritures et sa musique. » Special mention was also made for the song, BONJOUR, TOUT L’MONDE, that she composed for « Le Jubilé Franco-américain » a few years ago, It was recorded by Josee VACHON.
You may find out more about Connie LEMONDE's life and Québec heritage by clicking on the ORANGE title above.