Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our Franco-American Author


At fifteen years old, their path is already set, as maggie runs away from home, and Janey decides to be a nun.  Maggie’s naivety leads her into prostitution, thievery, and struggles with her emotions. Janey’s assignment to a mission brings her temptations, weaknesses, inner conflicts and a heartbreaking decision that follows her through life.  Many years later, their paths cross again, and an uncanny coincidence and startling revelation leads them into a deep and happy lifetime friendship.
“A good read, and a few tears, as their love and sacrifices bring the book to a beautiful, yet unepected last chapter, and a lasting friendship.”  Murmur

Whether one suffers from the heartbreaking loss of death, or other types of separation from someone, there is definitely hope for a better life. 
          Time does heal. Life does go on. Joy does return.
          This little book contains thoughts and hints to encourage those who, through divorce, widowhood, or other forms of separation, are suddenly living alone, and having difficulty adjusting to this change

Reviews from Kindle
          If you know someone who is not used to living alone, and that person suddenly finds herself (or himself) in that situation, this is a good book to share to help that person make the transition.
          I wouldn't share the book with a person still experiencing insufferable pain, but it is a good read for a person who is starting to come back from the shock of an unexpected change. This book will help the reader understand that every situation has advantages, and you just need to be open and willing to embrace a new experience. 

Perhaps it will help the person to move on and to embrace life again. Hopefully, it will help. It is worth a try.