Saturday, July 14, 2007

Canadian Home Children

Those of us, who are interested in Canadian genealogy, have eventually come upon the HOME CHILDREN, who were sent from their homeland (England or Ireland) to work for Canadian families. Not much is known about their daily living experiences in Canada in the late 1800's, i.e. not until JEAN LITTLE wrote a novel about 2 of these children based upon much research. Her book, "ORPHAN AT THE DOOR: The Home Child Diary of Victoria Cope," brings you right into the heart of the situation of a Home Child in a strange land and what these siblings lived at the hands of their "employers."
While lexperiencing Canadian life in Ontario with these Home Children, I was also introduced to the author, Jean LITTLE, via the blurb on the jacket of the book. From there I Googled and ended up on her website, only to discover that she is a prolific blind person, who has shared the results of her vivid imagination and thus has helped us to see WITHIN the heart of our fellowmen via her novels.
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