Thursday, July 06, 2006

Connie LEMONDE's latest novel


Distorted Images and the Long Road to Truth

1947 - Vermont - A Canadian-American father’s “nice/bad surprise” for six-year-old Michelle never happens but becomes the family secret that leaves her with distorted images of both her parents and sweeps her away from home to a boarding school in Canada and then to New Hampshire. In Canada she meets eight-year-old JP and together they go out looking for God. Instead, they find Ivan, an ex-convict whose life is changed radically by this meeting.

In the meantime, Michelle is sent to live with her ambitious, independent Aunt Lena and is introduced to a lifestyle that she could only dream of. But she continues to long for home and for the very doubtful love of her parents. Then, at sixteen, the “family secret” is revealed to her, and she is devastated not only by what her father had been planning but also because the incident had caused her to have such twisted thoughts about her mother and father. The truth was the opposite of what she had come to believe since she was six years old.

Then, the year of her graduation from high-school, her father is imprisoned and she has to choose between living with her aunt or going back to her small home town help her mother. Her decision brings JP and Ivan back into her life and changes everyone’s course for the better.

Born in Woonsocket, RI of Franco-American parents, since her retirement Connie has written 2 children’s books and has authored and produced 4 family-oriented plays for stage and one for radio. This is the 3rd book published by Infinity Publishing. The other two are a novel, BEST FRIENDS and a book of poems, UPHILL AND DOWNHILL.
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