Thursday, July 12, 2012

Connie LEMONDE's books on KINDLE


Revised from printed versions

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AS WINDS AND SEASONS CHANGE (For young adults and up)
Camille’s teen-age pregnancy becomes a traumatic event whose effects follow her for decades. It adds bitterness to her relationship with her father and casts a cloud over her relationship with the soldier she loves dearly. At the final news of his tragedy in battle, she gets depressed and has a near-fatal accident which, she believes, was thwarted by her deceased mother. This brings her hope. Alone, and through drastically changing times, she succeeds at building a fulfilling life. Then Azheimer’s strikes and she is left with nothing but fleeting memories of her past--until her most precious gift comes to her.

WHO FOUND MOO-MOO? (For children - 8 years and up)
A small dog runs away just a few days after the LaPlumes adopt him. As the family and a few “unconventional” characters join in the search for the dog, personal relationships develop, or are mended. When they finally find the dog, they’re sad to know why he ran away; but they’re very happy, not only because he’s safe and will return to a loving family, but because some of the persons found one another!

ADAPTING TO LIVING ALONE (For young adults and up)
Mini book: Most women who find themselves suddenly alone due to divorce, separation, death or other events, go through a roller coaster of emotions such as hurt, bitterness, fear, inadequacy, uncertainty, anger, etc; and it can take a long time to adjust to their new status.
This little book contains reflections and down-to-earth suggestions to help them on their new path and in their everyday activities.

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CHILDREN (seven or eight years old and up)
Teejo’s Heroic Journey (
The Great White Cloud
Melinda’s Doll and The Mysterious Rose

Best Friends
The Family Secret
Changing Winds and Seasons
ZING! Colored Halos and A Rainbow
Help Daisy Find Her Treasure

Uphill and Downhill