Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cardinal Louis-Albert VACHON (1912-2006)

Son of Napoléon VACHON and Alexandrine GILBERT, Louis-Albert was born 1912.04.02 in Saint-Frédéric, Beauce County, QC. After having attended the Roman Catholic Seminary in Québec City, he was ordained to the priesthood in 1938.06.11. He obtained a Doctorat in Philosophy from the University of Laval in Québec City, QC. and a Doctorat in Theology at l'Angelicum in Rome, ITALY. He taught Philosophy at the University of Laval in Québec City, QC till 1947 and then taught in the Theology Dept from 1949-1955. In 1955, he was named Superior of the Grand Séminaire in Québec City, QC. In 1959, he became Vice-Rector of the University of Laval and Rector in 1960 where he remained till 1972, at which time he was again appointed Superior of the Grand Séminaire. In 1977.04.04, Pope Paul VI appointed him Titular Bishop of Mesarfelta and Auxiliary Bishop of Québec City, QC. In 1981, he succeeded Cardinal Maurice ROY as Archbishop of Québec City, QC. In 1985, he was appointed Cardinal by Pope John Paul II. In 1990.03.17, he asked to be relieved of his duties. He died 2006.09.29 in Québec City, QC