Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sainte-Brigide-de-Kildare parish

Ste-Brigide-de-Kildare parish in Montréal, QC, will be closing.
As early as 1850, the Irish population of Montréal was petitioning for an English-speaking parish. Msgr. Ignace BOURGET, bishop of the city, acquiesced and the parish was established in 1867.
The church will be turned into a Community Center. There will be an open-house at the parish on Sunday, October 5, 2008 before renovations begin. Like many Roman Catholic parishes, the building will be used for other purposes.
Although there are still many persons in Québec, who claim to be Catholic, few attend church services regularly, other than for the traditional ceremonies of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage & Funerals. For this reason, many parishes have merged & others have closed, such as will Sainte-Brigide-de-Kildare since expenses may not be met.
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