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OBITUARY: Simone CARON-BOYER (1919-2006)

The following appeared in the 2006.03.25 edition of LE REFLET, a weekly newspaper in the MONTÉRÉGIE, published in Delson, QC. The English synopsis is mine.

Simone CARON-BOYER died suddenly 2006.03.03 at the age of 86. She left behind her husband, Jacques, & her children, Monique, André, Gisèle, Nicole & Diane as well as 13 grand-children & 16 gr.grand-children.

Priest's notebook, Côte St-Paul, MICHIGAN

Priest's Notebook
Côte St Paul

from 13 Aug 1833 to 31 Oct. 1841

15 Aug 1833 - I baptized Sara FRETON, daughter of Louis & Isabelle BALARD born 22 Jul (Jun?) last. Sp: Teresa Ballard & Leo Vernier.

18 Aug 1833 - I baptized Mary Anne OUELETTE, daughter of Armand & Euphemia DESHETRES, born about one year ago. Sp: David Grant & Teresa Miranda.
24 Aug 1833 - I baptized Jean Baptiste RIVARD, born to Charles & Teresa (SEGUIN dit LADEROUTE). no further info in original.
1 Nov 1833 - I baptized Jeremiah VERNIER, son of Laurence & Charlote TREMBLAY, born 10 Oct 1833. Sp: Soulange Navarre & G.J. Boheme.

Names of the Habitants of the Côte St. Paul, 1833 by G.J. Boheme, priest

1. Joseph Louis TREMBLAY -- Cecil MARSAC -- Charlotte SENET -- Thomas TREMBLAY
2. Pierre CHAUVIN -- Arch ST. AUBIN -- Pierre, Richard, Gabriel, Clemena, Theresa
3. Ambroise TREMBLAY -- Arch GREFFARD -- Julie, Cecila, Antoine
4. Louis GREFFARD -- dead -- Julia
5. Louis GOULET -- Arch TREMB., Louis, Geneveva -- Arch, Appollonia, Theresa, Amelia, Felicia
6. Eustace RIVARD -- Rosette DUCHENE (CHENE), Eustace, Antoine, Elizabeth
7. George LAFORGE -- Charlotte OUELETTE, Matthew, George
8. Nicholas (probably Charles Nicolas) GOUIN - Saption?, Ther, Arch, Colette, Louis, Catherine Edess
9. Pierre GOUIN -- Elizabeth RIVARD, Francois, Pet, Magl., Charles, Pantis, Ther, Felica, Fur?, Monique
10. Pierre RIVARD -- Arch SEGUIN, J. Bte, Lambert, Leon, Felica, Elizabeth, Monique
11. Charles RIVARD -- Arch SAUCIER, Joseph Ferdinand, ?rial, Arch
12. Michel RIVARD -- Agnes SAUCIER, Francois, Louis, Magl., Oliver, Adeliade, Cecilia, Agnes
13. Jos ELLAIR -- Marie GIRARDIN, Amelia, Jos, Arch, Josett, Narcis, Charles, Florence, Marie, --------Marie GIRARDIN, sister, Jos LACROIX
14. Jos FRESARD -- Mar. Ther?point?, Victoria, Francois, Jos, Isidor, Hyacinth, Sophia, Marcellin, Rosalie
15. Antoine CAMPEAU -- Cecilia COTTRELL, Antoine, Julianne, Mariann, Elia
16. Jean Louis TREMBLAY -- Cecilia FRETON, Jean, Francois, Hyacinth, Leon Jos Lambert, Cecilia, ---Magdelin, Zoe, Dorothie, Felica, Rene
17. Jean GRANT -- Angel. CAMPEAU, Alex, John, James, Oliver, David, Julien, Helene, Louis=, =Elizabeth Anne.
18. Pierre PROVENCAL -- Euphrine ST. AUBIN, Theresa THIBAULT
19. George MORAN, Theresa TREMBLAY -- Richard, Alexander, Sarianne, Catherine
20. Basile KERTY. Cecilia GREFFARD, Veronique, Amelie
21. J. Bte AUDET, Julia DEMARS?, J Bte, Zoe, Charistic, Rosalie, Amelia, Joel-Jos Marinly Julia AUDET
22. Oliver DESHETRES, Eleonor, Benjamin, Oliver, Paul. . .
23. F. FRETON, Cecilia DUPRAT, Julien, Anges, Arch, Julianne, Joseph-- Eiliblram? Thomas OUELLETTE
24. Fr. TREMB. --dead (mort.) Magdel MENY -- Henry TREMB. Isabelle CHAUVIN. Julia, Henry, Francois, Elizab., J. Bte
25. Louis TREMB. -- Angel POIRER, Prosoline, Ther., Frelice, Louis, Angelique, Maglorie
26. J. Bte. TREMB. -- Reine RENAUD, Elizab, J Bte, James, Marie, Melanie
27. Evangelist TREMB. -- Felicity ALARD, Gabriel, Amelia, Louis, Esther, Pierre
28. Amand OUELETTE, Euphresa, DESHETRES, Thomas, Marie
29. Lambert CHAUVIN, Felicity FRETON, Felicity, Leon, Agnes, Lambert, Julienne
30. Leon VERNIER -- Arch. TREMB., Gideon, Ther, Anthony, Mariann-August TREMB. Ther MIRANDA
31. F. THIBAULT -- Agnes RIVARD, Cathor. ST. AUBIN [note: #31 Catherine ST. AUBIN. She was the mother of Francis THIBAULT], Louis THIBAULT, Alexander, Maria ST. AUBIN
---Sophia THIBAULT [note: #31 Sophia THIBAULT. She was the widow of Alexis CUILLERIER dit BEABIEN who died 8 Aug. 1832, St. Antoine, Raisin Rive, Yhoros BEAUBIEN
32. Laurent VERNIER, Caroline TREMB. Laurent, Richard, Isidor, Alexanderine, Jos MIRANDA
33. Charles VERNIER. Victoria PETIT. Charles, Maria, Daniel, Justine PETIT
34. J. Bte SENET -- Adelaide PELTIER, J. Bte, Jacobi RENAUD
35. Basile SENET, Felicit BLAY, Thoma
36. Joseph RENAUD, Kiable? FRETON, Jos, Antoine, Isabelle, Ther, Louis, Edward Robert, Marie=, =Benjamin
37. Pierre ST. GEORGE -- Marie DUCHENE. Marie, Marcellin, Pierre
38. Paul MARSAC -- Catherine SENET, Maria Anne, Amelia
39. Jacques ALARD -- Theresa MARSAC, Jos. Jacq. Jabilt?, Charles, Ursula, Geneveva, Paul Sr, Wm, illegible
40. Jos FRETON, Isabelle ROBERTJEANNE, Francois, Larc?, Adelaide
41. Louis ALARD, Theresa BALARD. Ther. Jacq, Amelia, Louis Moise, Etienne, Victoria
42. Louis FRETON, Isabelle BALARD, Isabelle, Louis, Magdelene, Sara
43. Fr. ALARD, Margaret MARSAC, Francois, Victoria, Theresa
44. Edward CAMPEAU. Monique MORAN, Edward, Francois, Catherine, Elizabeth, Amelia
45. Jos ROBERTJEANNE, Monique FRETON, Victoria, Amelia, David, Narcis, Carollin, Rene, Hiliary, Parrhon?
46. Antoine RENAUD, Archange FRETON. Antoine, Amelia
47. Cajetan TREMBLAY, Carollin NAVARRE. -- Jos. TREMB. Geneve GRANT
48. Antoine GREFFARD, Theresa FRETON, Victoria, Antoine, Dominique, Richard, Sophie, Edward, Charles.
9 Sep - Marriage blessing dedicated between Moses ROBERTJEAN, son of Joseph JEANNE & Catherine PETIT and Archange FRETON, daughter of Francis & Cecilia DUPRAT,
notation of legitimate marriage solicited (?) (ambo ex legitimatus matrimoneous noti) Wit: Laurent Vernier, Joseph Freton, David John, Louis Freton, Julian Freton.


16 Feb 1834 - I baptized Francis DESHETRES, son of Oliver & Eleonora MARSAC, born 10 of this month, 1834. Of legitimate marriage. Sp: Josette Freton & Francis Deshetres.
8 Mar 1834 - I baptized Gabriel THIBAULT, son of Gabriel & Edesse SENET, born 8 Jan this year. Sp: Louis Thibault & Cecilia St. George.
15 Apr 13 - I baptized JBte VERNIER, son of Charles & Victoria PETIT, born of their legitimate marriage, the 2nd of Apr. 1834. Sp: JBte Petit, Father & Teresa Ballard.
11 May 1834 - I baptized Julia DULAC, daughter of JBte & Julia CHAUVIN, born 17 Apr 1834. Sp: Basil Kerty & Cecilia GREFFARD.
16 Jun 1834 - I baptized Victoria FRETON, daughter of Joseph & Isabelle ROBERTJEANNE, born 13 Jun 1834. Sp: Teresa Ballard & G.J. Boheme.
30 Jul 1834 - I joined in matrimony JBte MERCIER, son of Francis & Isabelle OEVMONT (OUIMET), born in Beloiel, diocese of Montreal, first party and Flavia JACQUES, daughter of Francis and Lacivia ANCOR, born in Kamouraska (Comorasco), diocese of Quebec, the other party. Wit: JJ Lejean, Laurent Vernier & Leo Vernier.
16 Sep 1834 - I joined in matrimony Celestin DEGRANDCHAMP, son of Nicolas & Marguerite DIDIER, born in Fourerolles Dept of Haute Saone, living in the parish of St. Anne, the first party and
Victoria FRESARD, daughter of Francis and Maria DUGOIDS (DURPOIS) born at Fourerolles Dept of Haute Saone, living in the parish of St. Paul, the other party. Wit: Pierre DeGrandchamps, Anthony Bisaux.
4 Oct 1834 - I baptized Aron ROBERTJEANNE son of John Moses & Archange FRETON, born 3 Oct 1834. Sp: David Roberjohn & Julia Freton.
30 Oct 1834 - I baptized Jeremiah CHAUVIN, son of Lambert & Felicity FRETON, born 30 Oct 1834. Sp; Louis Thibault & Cecilia Tremblay.
23 Nov 1834 - I baptized Joseph TARTRE (LETARTE), son of Eustache & Julia GILBERT, born 2 Nov 1834. Sp: Joseph Alard, & Victoria Robert.
5 Jan 1835 - I baptized Susan KERBY, daughter of John & Mary KERBY --(possibly Mary MOUDREAUX) age 6 years. Sp: G.J. Boheme & Esther Girardin.
5 Jan 1835 - I baptized Elise (Eliciam) KERBY, daughter of John & Mary KERBY, age 4 years. Sp: Pierre Provencal & Euphemia St. Aubin.
20 Dec 1834 - I baptized Anna KERBY, daughter of John & Mary KERBY, born 26 Aug 1834. Sp: John Grant & G.J. Boheme.
13 Feb 1835 - I baptized Alexandrine ST GEORGE, daughter of Peter & Maria DUCHENE, born 11 Feb 1835. Sp: Laurence VERNIER dit Laudoceur & Cecilia St. George.
8 Mar 1835 - I baptized Geneveva TREMBLAY, daughter of John Evangelist (Evangelist) & Felicity ALARD, born 16 Nov 1834. Sp: Laurent Vernier & Charlotte Tremblay.
26 Mar 1835 - I baptized Mary Ann VERNIER, daughter of Leon & Archange TREMBLAY born 26 Mar 1835. Sp: G.J. Boheme & Regina Renaud.
27 Mar 1835 - I baptized Fabian SENET, son of JBte & Adelaide PELTIER, born 19 Mar 1835. Sp: Charles Alard & Cecil St. George.
19 Apr 1835 - I baptized Edward NORMANDIN, son of Julian & Adelaide LARIVIERE (LARRIVIER) (CLEMENT dit LARIVIERE), born 16 last. Sp: Peter Normandin & Pauline Tremblay.
15 Apr 1835 - I baptized Teresa VERNIER, daughter of Laurence & Charlotte TREMBLAY, born 11 Apr. 1835. Sp: Teresa Vernier & Laurence Vernier, son.
28 Jul 1835 - I baptized Maria DUTOUR, daughter of Edward & Anastasia LETOURNEAU, born 11 Jul 1835. Sp: Oliver Grant & Teresa Thibault.
15 Aug 1835 - I baptized Theodore J RIVARD, son of JBte & Amelia ELLAIR, born 10 Aug 1835. Sp: Oliver Rivard & Archange Ellair.
26 Oct 1835 - I joined in matrimony Dominic SENET, son of Ignatius & Seraphine GREFFARD, born in Grand Marais, living at St. Paul, first party, and Marguerite MARSAC, daughter of JBte & Teresa ANDREWS, widow of Fr. ALARD, living at St. Paul, the other party. Wit: Peter Alard, Basil Senet, Maria Anne Marsac.
17 Jan 1836 - I baptized Archange RENAUD, daughter of Anthony & Anna MORAS, born 11 Dec 1835. Sp: Laurent Vernier & Archange F....and
8 Feb 1836 - I joined in matrimony Louis TREMBLAY, son of Louis & Geneveva LAMARE from St. Phillipe in the diocese of Montreal, Canada and living at St. Paul, the first party, and Victoria ROBERTJEANNE, daughter of Joseph & Monica FRETON, from St Paul and living there, the other party. Wit: Joseph Robert, Anthony Renaud, JBte Rivard.
21 Feb 1836 - I baptized Peter BAUCET dit MORENCY (MORENCY), son of Joseph & Julia TREMBLAY, born 19 Feb 1836. So: Peter Tremblay and Teresa Freton.
The same day and year I baptized Paul MORENCY (see above), son of Joseph & Julia TREMBLAY, born 19 Feb 1836. Sp: Paul Ratel & Monica Freton.
21 Feb 1836 - I baptized Julian THOMAS, son of JBte & Agatha DESHETRES, born 15 Feb 1836. Sp: Gideon Labadie & Catherine Thomas.
2 Mar 1836 - I baptized Joseph VERNIER, son of Leo & Archange TREMBLAY, born 27 Feb 1836. Sp: Gideon Vernier & Marie Sarah Scott.
5 Mar 1836 - I baptized William MORAN, son of George & Teresa TREMBLAY, born 19 Jan 1836. Sp: Charlotte Tremblay & Mr. Bernier...
9 Mar 1836 - I baptized Sarah ALARD, daughter of Peter & Amelia DESHETRES, born 8 Mar 1836. Sp: Peter Alard, Father & Agatha LaPerle. [Translator's note: sponsors were husband and wife].
4 Apr 1836 - I baptized Eleonora DESHETRES, daughter of Oliver & Eleonora MARSAC, born 2 Mar 1836. Sp: Leo Tremblay & Agnes Freton.
6 Aug 1836 - I baptized Edward VERNIER, son of Charles & Victoria PETIT, born 29 Jul 1836. Sp: Leo Vernier & Pauline Vernier.
7 Aug 1836 - I baptized Dominic SENET, son of Dominic & Marguerite MARSAC, born 3 Aug 1836. Sp: Narcisse Labadie & Angelica Freton.
2 Sep 1836 - I baptized Louis TREMBLAY, son of Louis & Victoria ROBERTJEAN, born 24 Aug 1836. Sp: Monica Freton [translator's note: sponsor was maternal grandmother].
14 Sep 1836 - I baptized Isabelle CHAUVIN, daughter of Lambert & Felicity FRETON, born 6 Sep 1836. Sp: Felicity Chauvin & Leon Tremblay.
1 Oct 1836 - I baptized Damasus SENET, son of JBte & Adelaide PELTIER, born 28 Sep 1836. Sp: Charles Vernier & his wife.
1 Oct 1836 - I baptized Seraphine SENET, daughter of Basil & Felicity BLAY, bron 30 Sep 1836. Sp: Anthony Greffard & Isabelle Renaud.
13 Nov 1836 - I baptized Vernonica DUTOUR, daughter of Edward & Anastacia LETOURNEAU, born 18 Oct 1836. Sp: Joseph FRESARD & Veronica Kerty.
14 Nov 1836 - I baptized Adelaide BERNIER, daughter of Peter & Adelaide MORAS, born 13 Nov 1836. Sp: David Grant & Theresa Moras.
13 Dec 1836 - I baptized Teresa SILVAIN (?), daughter of Anthony & Archange MARSAC, born in the month of Nov 1832. Sp: Teresa Marsac & G.J. Boheme.
28 Mar 1837 - I baptized Peter NORMANDIN, son of Julian & Adelaide LARIVIERE (LARRIVIE), born 25 Mar 1837. Sp:_________(blank in original) Laplanche & Cecilia Freton.
28 Mar 1837 - I baptized Marie Virginai VERNIER, daughter of Laurent & Charlotte TREMBLAY, born 24 Mar 1837. Sp: Charles Vernier & Victoria Petit.
25 Jun 1837 - I baptized Eleanora ST GEORGE, daughter of Peter & Maria DUCHENE, born 16 Jun 1837. Sp: Joseph Tremblay & Theodore St. George.
18 Jul 1837 - I joined in matrimony Claude (?) FRESARD, son of Francis & Maria DUGOIDS? (DURPOID), originating from Fougerolles Dept of Haute Saone in France (Gallia) and living in the parish of St Paul, first party and Archange ELLAIR (Hilaire), daughter of Joseph & Marie GIRARDIN, from the parish of St Paul and living there, the other party. Wit: Peter Provencal, John Rivard, and Joseph Fresard.
30 Aug 1837 - I baptized Adolph ALARD, son of Peter, Junior & Amelia DESHETRES, born 27 Aug 1837. Sp: John Tremblay & Pauline Tremblay.
14 Dec 1837 - I baptized Camille TREMBLAY, son of Louis & Victoria ROBERTJEAN, born 2 Dec 1837. Sp: Jacques Alard, son & Caroline Jeannes.
26 Dec 1837 - I baptized Isadore TREMBLAY, son of Joseph & Geneveva GRANT, born 28 Oct 1837. Sp: Gideon Vernier & Catherine Tremblay.
29 Mar 1838 - I baptized Andrew VERNIER, son of Leo & Archange TREMBLAY, born 22 Feb 1838. Sp: Laurent Vernier & Charlotte Tremblay.
24 Apr 1838 - I baptized Gilbert J MORAN, son of George & Teresa TREMBLAY, born (blank in original) 1838. Sp: Teresa Vernier & G.J. Boheme.
24 Apr 1838 - I joined in matrimony Vital BEAUFAIT, son of Louis & Maria SAUCIER, from the parish of St. Anne and living there, first party and Geneveva MELDRUM, daughter of William & Geneveva RIVARD, from the parish of St. Anne and living there. Wit: Oliver Rivard, Eustache Tremblay.
8 Jun - I baptized Anthony MORAS, son of Magloire & Julia (probably Mary Judith) GRANT born 3 Jun 1838. Sp: Anthony Moras & Helene Grant.
19 Jun 1838 - I joined in matrimony Denis MORIN, son of Isadore & Archange MELOCHE, born at St. Anne's and living in La Baie, first party and Catherine TREMBLAY, daughter of Cajetan & Charlotte NAVARRE, born at St. Paul and living there (end of entry).
15 Jul 1838 - I baptized Leon DESHETRES, son of Oliver & Eleanora MARSAC, born 2 Jul 1838. Sp: Nicholas Benoit and Teresa Vernier.
20 Aug 1838 - I baptized Teresa Siosalia (?) FRESARD, daughter of Claude & Archange ELLAIR, born 9 Aug 1838. Sp: Isadore Frezard & Josette Ellair.
2 Sep 1838 - I baptized Francis Xavier ELLAIR, son of Joseph & Florence GIRARDIN, born 25 Aug 1838. Sp: Francis Tremblay & Josette Ellair.
21 Sep 1838 - I baptized Francis CHAUVIN, son of Lambert & Felicity FRETON, born 10 Aug 1838. Sp: Charlotte Tremblay.
12 Feb 1839 - I joined in matrimony Basil THIBAULT, son of Basil & Isabelle BERNARD (ST BERNARD), born in St. Anne's parish but living in the parish of St. Clair and Elizabeth TREMBLAY, daughter of JBte & Regina (Irene) probably RENAUD, born in St. Anne's parish & living in St. Paul's. Wit: Francis Thibault & Peter Alard.
11 Mar 1839 - I baptized Narcisse TREMBLAY, son of Louis & Victoria ROBERTJEANNE, born 22 Feb 1839. Sp: Francis Tremblay & Amelia Robertjeanne.
29 May 1839 - I baptized Catherine VERNIER, daughter of Laurent & Caroline probably (Charlotte) TREMBLAY, born 24 May 1839. Sp: Richard Vernier & Talcide (Thercille?) Vernier.
The same day & year I baptized Dosithee BERNIER, son of Peter & Adelaide MORAS, born 3 Apr 1839. Sp: Robert Meldrum & Julia Grant.
24 Jul 1839 - I baptized Louis Gilbert CAMPEAU, son of Edward & Monica MORAN, born 9 Jun 1839. Sp: Euphemia Provencal & ________ (blank in original).
24 Aug 1839 - I baptized Oliver NORMANDIN (?), son of Julian & Adelaide (No last name in original), born 19 Aug 1839. Sp: Louis Tremblay & illegible.
19 Jan 1840 - I baptized Fania MORAS, Maglorie & Julianna probably (Mary Judith), GRANT born 18 Jan 1840. Sp: Oliver Grant & Teresa Thibault.
20 Jan 1840 - I baptized Andrea (?) or Andre ST GEORGE, Peter & Maria DUCHENE, born 15 Jan 1840. Sp: Anthony Renaud & Maria St. George.
3 Dec 1839 - I baptized Archange VERNIER, Leon & Archange TREMBLAY, born 2 Dec 1839. Sp: Victoira Petit & G. Boheme.
15 Dec 1839 - I baptized Louis MORAN -- George & Teresa TREMBLAY, born 25 Nov 1839. Sp: Laurent Vernier & his wife.
18 Feb 1840 - I joined in matrimony Joseph RENAUD, son of Joseph & Theotiste FRETON, born at St. Paul and living there, first party
and Victoria PETIT, widow of Charles VERNIER (Celoli LADOUCER), the other party. Wit: Joseph Renaud, Father & Anthony Renaud, brother?
23 Feb 1840 - I baptized David WILTON, Laurent & Lucy ST GEORGE, born 10 Feb. 1840. Sp: David Robertjohn & Isabelle Renaud.
10 Aug 1840 - I baptized Maria DUCHENE, Francis & Isabelle ALARD, born (nothing more written in original).
22 Aug 1840 - I joined in matrimony Louis GOULET, widower of Archange TREMBLAY, living in the parish of St. Paul, first party
and Adelaide PETIT, widow of JBte SENET, and living at St. Paul, the other party. Wit: Joseph Renaud, Junior & Peter St. George.
24 Nov 1840 - I joined in matrimony Joseph WITTMORE? (WITERCORE), Joseph & Susanna FLESCANER (?), born Deatici (? might be Deatili) in Germany inferior and living at St. Paul's first party and Teresa ALARD, Louis & Teresa GODFOY BALARD, born at St. Paul and living there. Wit: Francis VanAntwerp & Fr Duchene.
10 Dec 1840 - I baptized Sophia TREMBLAY, daughter of Robert & Felicity BERTHIAUME (BARTAIN), born 3 Dec 1840. Sp: William Conner, Mar. Conner.
28 Dec 1840 - I baptized M. Louisa FRESARD, daughter of Claude & Archange ELLAIR (HILAIRE), born 19 Dec 1840. Sp: Hyacinthe Frezard & Esther Girardin.
[Translator's note: see 1837 St. Paul marriage of Claude & Archange listed earlier. Also Claude is brother of Hyacinthe.]
11 Jan 1841 - I baptized Victoria RENAUD, Joseph & Victoria PETIT, born 20 Nov 1840. Sp: Joseph Renaud & Theotiste his wife.
[Translator's note: see 1840 St. Paul marriage listed earlier.]
12 Apr 1841 - I baptized Gilbert J. VERNIER, Laurent & Charlotte TREMBLAY, born 9 Apr 1841 -- feria 6a maj.? habd.? Sp: G.J. Boheme & Agnes Rivard.
20 Apr 1841 - I joined in matrimony Hippolyte MARSAC, widower of Catherine SENET, born at St. Paul and living there, first party
and Catherine LAMY, Joseph and Marie REAUME (?) born at Montreal and living at St. Paul, the other party. Wit: Gazet Tremblay & Joseph Lamy.
26 Apr 1841 - I joined in matrimony Jacob CONSIDINI -- Jacob & Margar KANTY (?) born at St. JBte in County Clare, Ireland and living at St. Paul, first party and Mary DOHERTY? (DWARI) widow of Patrick KISSY and George MCLAUGHLIN (MCLOCKLAND) born in County Limerick in the parish known as Mitcheltown, Ireland and living in St. Paul, the other party. Wit: Joseph Tremblay & Joseph Alard.
8 May 1841 - I baptized Joseph TASSE, Vincent & Archange DUCHENE, born 3 May 1841. Sp: Joseph Witercore (Wittmore?) & Thomas Alard.
24 May 1841 - I baptized Louis TREMBLAY, Joseph & Geneveva GRANT, born 12 May 1841. Sp: Louis Grant & Teresa Vernier.
31 Oct 1841- I baptized Frances or Francis CADET -- Joseph & Adelaide ROCHON, born 14 Feb 1841. Sp: Colette? Benoit & Justine Cadet.

PFC Herve William DUCHARME, World War II

38th Infantry, Company “C”:
1943.12.07 = Fort Devens, MA
1944.02.16 = Camp Croft, SC
Members of the

th QM Company

Pictures of Herve DUCHARME during WW II may be seen in album 14 on our Webshots site:

1. Applegate Vincent F. PFC

2. Bass Willie C. PFC

3. Beck George Pvt

4. Benfante J. L. Pvt

5. Blume Otto Cpl

6. Bowles Thomas L. Sgt

7. Brenner George Cpl

8. Brogdon John C. Jr Capt

9. Byrne Raymond V. PFC

10. Carroll Marvin W. Sgt

11. Clanton Earnest E. Pvt

12. Clupper Fred L. Sgt

13. Davis King E. Pvt

14. Dempsey Charles A. M/Sgt

15. Desmong Paul E. T/Sgt

16. Donovan James Cpl

17. Drifmeyer Raymond W. Cpl

18. Drozdowski Chester V. PFC

19. Druback Edward J. S/Sgt

20. Ducharme Herve W. PFC b. 1914, d. 1982

21. Dym Irving PFC22. Enstein Wilbert PFC

23. Evanson Arthur F. Pvt

24. Evitts Forest PFC

25. Feasler John F. S/Sgt

26. Finklestein Richard Spec

27. Flowers Ernest E.

28. Forrester William S/Sgt

29. Funderburk William T.M/Sgt

30. Garrard Harold A. Pvt

31. Giannetti Bethando R. Pvt

32. Graham William J. Cpl

33. Greene John W. PFC

34. Haggard Willie L. PFC

35. Harker Orris W. S/Sgt

36. Harvard Augustus R. PFC

37. Hendrix John F. Sgt

38. Hildebrand Samuel H. Sgt

39. Holmes Albert C. Jr Pvt

40. Hoover Gary L. PFC

41. Houck George D. Pvt

42. Irish Russell C. 1st Lt

43. Jacen Joseph C. PFC

44. Kaczorek Joseph E. 1st Lt., b.1919.01.21, d.1960.03.05

45. Kearney Joseph F. Sgt

46. Keener Allen PFC

47. King James Pvt

48. Koerper Walter C. Maj

49. Kolakowski Joseph Pvt

50. Kostyshak Peter PFC

51. Kulasinski Andrew J. Cpl

52. Lewis Roy A. Sgt

53. Lineberger Kelly A. T/Sgt

54. Long Clyde PFC

55. MacInnes Carlton A. Cpl

56. Machnik John S. Cpl

57. Marchese Dominick S. Sgt

58. Marcou Leonard G. Pvt

59. Martin Bernard J. 1st Lt

60. Matthews Jack R. PFC

61. McBee Ralph W. Cpl

62. McConnell Billie G. E PFC

63. Neuhardt Charles P. PFC

64. O'Connell Richard F. S/Sgt

65. Oliver Oswell O. S/Sgt

66. Ovehile G. G. Cpl

67. Passwater Paul R. Sgt

68. Powell Paul E. Cpl

69. Reagen Clyde E. Cpl

70. Ricci Gaston M. Cpl

71. Roland Vincent PFC

72. Ross Joseph Cpl

73. Ruppert Russell W. T/Sgt

74. Ruth L. Cpl

75. Schneider Ludwig G. S/Sgt

76. Schneider Victor W. Sgt

77. Shearer Joseph E. T/Sgt

78. Sheets Charlie R. Cpl

79. Silvio Victor V. PFC

80. Simon Richard B. 1st Lt.

81. Smith Howard C. Cpl

82. Stephens Charles J. PFC

83. Tell Walter V. PFC

84. Temkin Samuel M/Sgt.

<85. Tinsley Richard R. PFC

86. Tomkin Samuel M/Sgt

87. Tounpas Aristides Sgt

88. Visca Dominick R. Spec. 5

89. Whatton John J. Cpl

90. Willard Robert A. 1st Lt

91. Wozniak Andy Cpl

Father JULIEN VIAU (1936-2002)

A couple of years before his death, Father JULIEN VIAU gave me his Curriculum Vitae so that I could share it as part of his genealogical info. For this reason, I am including it here. Pictures of Father VIAU, with his family & in Sudan, may be viewed in albums 36-37-38 on our Webshots site at:


Born in Cochrane, Ontario 1936.08.18, the 1st child of 9 of ERNEST VIAU (carpenter from Norembega, Ont.)+IRENE PAPINEAU (9th child of 16 of JULIEN+ALICE DESJARDINS) of Saint-Janvier, Québec.

Primary education in Norembega and Ansonville, Ontario and in Waterville, Québec.

1950-1958: Classical studies at the Minor Seminary in Sainte-Thérèse, Québec.

1954-1957: Diocesan president of the Jeunesse étudiante catholique (JÉC) of Saint-Jérome, Québec.

1958-1959: Probation within the Society of the Missions-étrangères in Sainte-Foy, Québec.

1959-1963: Theological studies at Pont Viau, Québec at the Society of Foreign Missions.

1962.12.21: Ordained as a RC priest by Msgr. Paul-Émile Charbonneau, auxiliary bishop of Ottawa, Ontario, at Saint-Charles church of Eastview, Ontario.

1963-1965: Studies in Canon Law at the Gregorian University of Rome. Diploma conferred in June of 1965.

1965-1967: Studies in Liturgy and Canon Law at the Catholic Institute of Paris.

1967.06: Masters in Liturgy and Doctorate in Canon Law.

1967-1983: Attaché at the Apostolic Nunciatur in Havana, Cuba.

1978-1982: Regional superior of the Society of the Missions-étrangères (PMÉ) in Cuba.

1982: Responsible for the future missions of the PMÉ in Africa.

1983-1987: Responsible for the PMÉ in Sudan.

1983-1984: Study of the Arabic language in Cairo, Egypt.

1984-1986: Missionary and Financial Administrator of the diocese of Wau, Sudan.

1986-1994: Pastor of Saint Peter and Paul parish in rtoum, Sudan

1990-2002: Professor of Liturgy and Canon Law at Saint Paul’s Major National Seminary in Khartoum, Sudan.

1994 to 2002: Coordinator of Pastoral Care at Saint Paul’s Major National Seminary in Khartoum, Sudan.

2002.05.14: Died suddenly of a massive heart attack in Laval, QC

OBITUARY: Anthony "Tony" BOURGOIES (1930-2006)

The following is from the JOURNAL de MONTRÉAL

Anthony "Tony" BOURGEOIS died March 20, 2006 in Montréal, QC at the age of 75. He leaves behind his wife, Suzanne LAMANQUE, & hs children, Marie-Lucie & Farah. Funeral arrangements: COMPLEXE FUNÉAIRE MAGNUS POIRIER 6825 Sherbrooke est, Mtl. TEL:(514) 727-2847