Saturday, April 29, 2006

St. Anne's church

Woonsocket, RI
a painting by

A Franco-American born in New England of Québec ancestry, Connie uses her many talents (painting, writing, composing) as a means of vivifying her heritage. Able to maie use of the media, she also belongs to a local organization of Les Dames du Richelieu, who wish to keep the French language alive. You may learn more about Connie by visiting her BLOG. Simply click on the above orange TITLE.


North American Association
has one of the most complete databases of these families. As you know, the DUCHARME's were originally CHARRON's who took on the "dit DUCHARME" of whom many dropped the "dit" and became simple DUCHARME. Through the generations and because of immigration to areas that were not French-speaking, the spelling sometimes changed and the surname was anglicized to DU CHARME, DUSHARME, DESHAW, DUCHONG, DUCHARNE, etc.
For the CHARRON and DUCHARME among you, it may be well worth your while to become a member of this Association, which provides useful information about our ancestors. Check out their site by clicking on the TITLE above.