Thursday, August 02, 2007


The descendants of PIERRE BISSONNET are well described in two consecutive editions of the REVUE SAINTE-ANNE (Vol. 235, Nos. 6 & 7.
The June publication contains 3 pictures:
1) Bernard BISSONNETTE, b. 1898.01.15 in Saint-Esprit-de-Moncalm , QC. He married Jacqueline MASSON in 1935.
2) Louis-Georges BISSONNETTE, b. 1893.09.04 in Côteau-du-Lac, Soulanges County, QC. He marriage Juliette DANSEREAU in 1927.
3) Lise BISSONNETTE, former director of the LE DEVOIR newspaper. In 2005, she was appointed director of the National Library of Montréal, QC.

The July/August edition contains a photo of Pierre-André BISSONNETTE, who died in Ottawa in 1989.12.23at the age of 65 two days after having been honored with the Order of Canada.
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