Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Baptisms, Marriages and Burials in QUÉBEC

BMS 2000
now available
Many persons have been asking me about the above program that lists a large number of baptisms, marriages and burials in Québec. Well, the program is now available to the public. Just remember that it's a FRENCH program; therefore, the abbreviations must be read as FRENCH:
B=Baptêmes (BAPTISMS)
M=Mariages (MARRIAGES)
S=Sépultures (BURIALS)
The rest of the information should be easy enough to understand, even by English-speaking persons. On the other hand, should you have any questions, just leave a COMMENT to this posting and I'll get back to you. Need I mention that I'm not involved with the publication of the BMS2000. I am a user, not a seller.
Click on the ORANGE TITLE above
to be brought to the website where
the BMS2000
is available.


  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Re BMS 2000....... I used to use this great source of information, however now it doesn't seem to exist at all. When I attempt to connect, I get "site not found". Do you know if they have been taken off the web? Perhaps they are having technical problems?
    Would appreciate any news you might have.

  2. Sorry, but I don't know what's going on with the site... (I use the BMS2000 via a local Gen Society. I have noticed in the past that the FREE trial on the BMS2000 site never really worked well, at least I've never managed to use it. Sorry about this since it was a good source of information. Maybe you can purchase the CD via a Gen Society in your area.