Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ancestors baptized or married or buried in Montréal, QC?

Since many researchers of French-Canadian ancestors have relatives, who were born, married or died in Montréal, I am in the process of uploaded pictures of the many Catholic and Protestant church of that city. You may download them at will and free of charge.
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  1. Anonymous11:38 AM

    Hi Muriel!

    My Grandfather was Roger Bourgeois. Unfortunately I never met him. I just know that he had been in Germany 1946 as Sergeant and went back to France the same year, he died in 1972 on July 6th. Please contact me, kind regards Melanie

  2. Melanie, I can't seem to get to you via your email address. My message FAILS; therefore, here's a COPY of it hoping you'll come back to this site.
    I have 8 individuals by the name of Roger BOURGEOISin my personal BOURGEOIS files, but I would need more info, such as name of his parents, spouse, etc. to be able to link him. Once I receive whatever info you wish to share, I'll be able to search for more info about him.
    Do get in touch with me at your convenience.
    You may also wish to check out the photos of our BOURGEOIS ancestors on Webshots.
    I would appreciate your name (single & married) as well as where you were born & what's the name of your parents. I'm presuming your grandfather BOURGEOIS came to Canada sometime in his life or that his ancestors did..
    I was born in Manchester, NH, but I've been living in QC since 1971 where women legally retain their maiden name.
    Will be waiting to hear from you.
    DO NOT respond to me here.... Send your email to me at: lineage42@hotmail.com

  3. Anonymous8:32 PM

    I am reaching my Tremblay ancestors from Baie St. Paul. My ancestor, Pascal Tremblay was baptisted on October 23, 1853 in Baie St. Paul, his parents were Marcel Tremblay and Zeronie Fortin - one of his brothers was Francois-Xavier Tremblay born February 28, 1949. Pascal immigrated to California in approximately 1870 and married here in in 1878. None of his history has been passed down and I am the first to discover that he was born in Baie St. Paul. Would you please contact me at email: terrytremblay@sbcglobal.net so that I can ask additional questions.