Sunday, June 24, 2007

Searching for your North-American Indian Heritage?

Why not start by understanding Native American thinking?

Wilfred PELTIER (b. 1927-10-16, d. 2000-07-07) An Odawa aboriginal, Wilfred was born on the Wikwemikong Reserve in Manitoba, CANADA. According to his autobiography, NO FOREIGN LAND : THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A NORTHERN AMERICAN INDIAN, Wilfred changed the spelling of his surname, PELTIER, to PELLETIER at one point in his life, so as to be recognized as of French-Canadian extraction.
Unlike usual autobiographies, Wilfred PELTIER goes beyond relating his life events. He brings us into the Indian mind and allows us to begin thinking like one. What an experience! Being led to see the world through aboriginal eyes is mind-boggling and well worth the experience. Such a point of view removes all pre-conceived notions I had about Indians as well as my judgmental attitude concerning their actions and way of being. Wilfred PELTIER’s autobiography brought me into the very spirit of native North-American life and has opened my mind to who they are from the inside out.
If you have Indians among your ancestors, it would be worth your while to read Wilfred PELTIER's autobiography, which was written from tape recordings of conversations he had with a friend over a period of many years. Experience your native ancestors by THINKING like them from their point of view of Mother Earth. You will then discover a whole other meaning to the words,

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