Thursday, June 01, 2006

St-Vincent-de-Paul Orphanage

Dear Murmur, Thank you for giving me info about your blog! I had fun reviewing the stuff that you had on it. Especially meaningful for me was information that you had about the St. Vincent de Paul boarding school. My three older brothers were sent to St. Vincent for a while. My brother Bob spent the most time there. My older brother graduated and went to a regular Catholic High School in Manchester. The middle brother spent the most time there--not with the happiest of memories. But now, at least, we are all understanding the move to the boarding school! Then I was sent to the Mount for my boarding school time! Oh, well, I met the nicest bunch of young ladies there! I really loved having the time away from my family and spending it with great friends.
Thanks again for the info!

View pictures of SAINT-VINCENT-de-PAUL Orphanage and Boarding School in Manchester, NH by clicking on the ORANGE TITLE above. This will bring you to one of my albums on Webshots. There are 13 pictures posted there of the Boarding School building as well as of former students. Of course, should any of you be former students of the School and should you wish to share pictures of those days, please leave a COMMENT on this BLOG or leave a message in the GUESTBOOK of the album on WEBSHOTS.

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