Thursday, June 01, 2006


This afternoon I received an email from
Bill Williams
to which was attached a file containing
his philosophical views on life.
After reading the file, I began to equate KARMA with HEREDITY, genetic, social and learned, hence, KARMY is related to GENEALOGY as far as I'm concerned. Read on and think about it. Look back on your life and try to see how your ancestors have influenced it via heredity, thus touching you with their KARMA. You are part of them and they are YOU.
Karma is continuous on all levels of existence. Karma results daily in the material world through our actions & our non-actions as well as our thoughts and emotions. We are continually, minute by minute, second by second, nano second by nano second, creating and paying off karma. It works not only on the physical, mental and emotional level, but on the spiritual level as well. When you pick up something you must eventually put it down. That is Karma
You create karma by the act of picking the thing up and the unavoidable karmic reaction comes when you are forced or choose to put it down. Note, however, that if you do not choose to put it down, you will eventually be forced to do so. Not picking it up at all will result in the karma of the thing staying in place. If it is in the way of something you are attempting to accomplish, by choosing not to move it has created bad karma relative to you. So we do create our own karma.
When you die the excess karma goes with you. You may be required to pay it back on the physical level six lifetimes from now, or in the very next life. Karma is the Law and cannot be denied.
There are many forms of karma. When and where your karmic debt comes due (is balanced) is largely determined by you. Just as when you put down whatever it is you picked up is determined by your choice. But by the same token, if you choose not to balance your karma by choice, your payment will be extracted by force (by operation of the law). You will have lost the right to choose. The law is then enforced by circumstance. Taking responsibility and acting responsibly gives you control of the karmic result and gives you the ability to correct bad choices. The key is to act responsibly in the first place.
So the evil men do does live after them. It will be here for them in the form of karma due and the entity that created it will be held responsible for it when he returns. But what about the good a man does. The law always works and cannot be denied, so the good is rewarded with good and the evil will be rewarded with evil.
Most religions teach that you will be rewarded in heaven. But where is heaven? If the Universe is moving in a more positive direction and everything is getting more positive and if the occult statement of “as above, so below” is correct, the conclusion must be that heaven is in the future.
Is your karmic reward in the future? The answer must be yes & no. Yes if you have not collected it here. No if you have. He who understands this bit of knowledge will be rewarded with great wisdom, purchased with his karma.
The Universe is based on the need to know, the ability to understand and the wisdom to use the knowledge properly. If the great Hermes spoke the truth when he said “As above, So Below,” and if our karmic rewards are in heaven (a more perfect & positive place) then so are our punishments. If karma is the rule of law then reincarnation is its vehicle. With this key the wise man can see the other half of the half-truths.

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  1. I checked your blog. Nothing to change. As I said it is not copywrited. The philosophy is over 10,000 years old. No one really knows exactly how old. You are right about the genology connection. When reincarnating, the karma in the next life is partially based on the dna and the choice of parents and family connections is based on that.