Saturday, January 19, 2008

Pierre CHOLET/CHOLETTE, kidnapped in 1845 in QUÉBEC

Born in 1840,
the son of
Hyacinthe CHOLET & Angélique ANDRÉ dite ST-AMAND
Pierre & his brother, Toussaint CHOLET & their cousin, Pierre DOUCET were kidnapped in 1845-07-07 by a traveling merchant, who showed his wares to the two mothers. When they didn't purchase anything, he left saying: "You won't forget me." in an angry tone. On the way out of the village, he met the three boys, whom he enticed toward his wagon & pushed them in. Only Pierre survived the adventure that lasted many years.
A new translation of the biography of Pierre CHOLET,
"l'Enfant perdu et retrouvé ou Pierre Cholet" by J.-B. Proulx,
was published by
J.R. Koenig (July 30, 2007)
under the title
The book contains new maps, notes and illustrations that will prove of great interest to anyone researching the CHOLET- CHOLETTE surname.
The PREFACE of this book
may be found
by clicking on the ORANGE title above.

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