Saturday, December 17, 2005

Rhéal VIAU (1926-2005)

We wish to extend our condolences to the family of RHÉAL VIAU, who died Saturday, 2005.12.10 around 10:30AM. Born 1926.05.06, he was the son of ISIDORE VIAU (1893-1990) and BLANCHE MARENGER (1905-1991), who were married in 1924.07.30 in Saint-Simon parish (founded in 1919), Trécesson (Villemontel) Abitibi County, QC. Other than Rhéal, the VIAU+MARENGER couple had the following chidren: Cécile, Aurèle, Georgette, Paul-Émile, Patrice (died at birth in 1934) and Fernande.
Pictures of ISIDORE VIAU and BLANCHE MARENGER, of RHÉAL and members of the family may be seen in ALBUM # 36 on our Webshots site:

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